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Book a Skin Consultation where I can analyze your skin and discuss your skin care objectives. Using advanced products and treatments I will recommend a personal skin care regimen to help improve your skin's texture, tone, and overall appearance.

Mini Jelly Glow  - $45

Don’t have time for the full facial but in need of a pick me up? This one is perfect for you. Enjoy a double cleanse, a HydroJelly mask with ice globe facial massage, curated oils and serums to fit your skins needs, moisturizer, a lip treatment and SPF.

Customized Facial - $120

This is a great option for first time clients to come in, relax, and really treat them selves to a facial where I will completely  tailor it for their skin. 

HB Hydro Infusion Facial - $135

Firstly, we start with LED light therapy to address acne or aging skin. Then with this fully customized facial includes hydro-dermabrasion and is a great way to decongest the skin and achieve a healthier and brighter complexion. Using a suction tool, hydroderm pulls out surface oils, dirt, comedones, and dead skin while simultaneously infusing tailored serums for your skin type. Your skin will feel refreshed and clean.

Protein Face Lift - $110

The Super Protein Face Lift gives you rapid results with a tight, firming lift for tired, wrinkled, sagging and photo-aged skin with revitalizing Protein, Hyaluronic Acid & quick acting Vitamin C complex.  During treatment, skin will tighten and pulsate helping to oxygenate tired skin cells. Other benefits are reducing the appearance of large pores, decrease fine line and wrinkles, support collagen formation, reduce congestion in acne skin, and brighten skin. This treatment can be customized for your skin type and is perfect before a special event, family photos, or just because.  


Glow Facials


(choose 1 add on)


(choose 2 add ons)


(enjoy all 4 add ons)

All glow facials include; a double cleanse, ozone steam, exfoliation, extractions, masking, customized serums, oils and moisturizer specifically chosen for your skin needs. Protect your skin with SPF & finish with a lip treatment.


Choose your glowing package based on your skin needs. 60-90mins.


Ready, Set, Glow!


Cure Ampoule

Used with the Hydrojelly Mask to lock in moisture, healing and hydration by repairing the skins barrier, an ampoule can revitalize the skin with mere drops of the ampoule solution. With higher concentration of beneficial ingredients, an ampoule can supercharge your skin. In a short period of time, the ampoule is absorbed into the skin to improve signs of various skin conditions. By penetrating the deeper levels of the skin, an ampoule works harder to make skin beautiful.

HydroJelly Mask

HydroJelly Masks, infused with electrolytes, are a favorite peel-off mask. The mask contours to the skin, allowing complete absorption of nutrients and hydrating to the deepest layers of the skin. HydroJelly Masks have a natural cooling and soothing effect that is refreshing, helps firm and revitalize the skin leaving you with a healthy glow. With a HydroJelly Mask, you'll also receive a facial globe massage.

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy is a painless, relaxing treatment that plumps up aging skin by boosting collagen production and treats mild to moderate acne. First developed by NASA, LED works by sending energy-producing packets of light into the deeper layers of the skin.

*Contraindications include pregnancy and epilepsy, photo-allergy, and medications that cause light sensitivity (such as Tetracycline).*

Hand & Arm Massage

I use BCL products that have soothing effects that are incredibly healing to the mind & body, relieving stress and anxiety for a relaxing experience. Choose from seasonal scents, then enjoy a relaxing, stress free, hand and arm massage.  You will leave feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and nourished This is the perfect add on to any facial.

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